Intention to the heart, innovation and excellence, to develop a user experience and beautiful products for customers.

With innovation and r&d as its core competitiveness, VanSea r&d team is composed of experienced engineers. The company has passed ISO13485 quality certification, CE, CFDA certification (under application), and 17 third experiments and dozens of internal tests.
Vansea is committed to the design and development of secondary and tertiary medical self-dosing devices, focusing on improving user experience.The innovative projects include insulin pen, quantitative injection pen, dual-bin mixed drug stent, high-precision injection device, automatic injection pen and so on.With the development of international medical trends, we have developed a number of family/individual medical devices that comply with medical regulations.
Good command of comprehensive capabilities and experience in new product development, including user research, design, mechanical structure, model validation, and self-production support